Our History...

Frank and Connie Barlamas were the long time owner’s of Johnny’s Sandwich Shop in Ambridge, PA.  They had a vision for their children to expand the business of off-site catering to a catering hall.  So the purchase of the Old Moose Lodge was made in 1984 and renovations started to build and extend the original main hall of the Moose Lodge.  The original and very large Moose head was sold to another Moose Lodge.  It was located right in this entrance way above the door.

July of 1985 the first wedding was held.  In the lower level a nightclub “Javy’s” was opened and became quite a “hot spot” in Ambridge.  The Javy’s Level was later renovated to another banquet hall that holds up to 150 people.

Today, almost 30 years later, they are still working and booking events in the two banquet halls at 1300 Merchant Street.  Call to make an appointment for your special occasion.